Friday, 1 December 2017

A Friendly Marketing Method Using RFID

A Friendly Marketing Method Using RFID

The entire nature of RFID (radio frequency identification) system is all about making things quicker, easier and more social. 

The technology being used in the purpose to explore what the event industry could gain more from their event to give benefit for sponsor, so the cycle keeps going on in which refer to the profit revenue.

Making event more social is an interesting thing to be point out. RFID and NFC no longer the tools, method or system that being utilised to identification purpose only. 

Catching up with the trend, RFID and NFC device, the wristband function further developed on bigger purpose. As a marketing method, the friendly one.

An event being held carrying message that the brand who is involved on it would like to deliver to their target market. 

The main target obviously the one who come out joining the event, but the they are could be used as an advertiser, to relay the message organically to the wider market. Here comes the used of the RFID device.

The RFID device that being widely used on the major event music festivals today designed as a social media device which connect directly to the social media account of the owner. 

The organizer set us a rule while activated the device, it should be connected to at least one of the owner social media. 

Then set it up automatically update check in of the owner on their social media. Voila, scoring one point on socializing your event. 

The brand and organizer could collaborate to spend more, create innovating device which make it possible for one RFID device to connect to the other device with just one swap. 

Add up an interesting photo booth or marketing gimmick inside the venue that triggered them to make user generated content. 

An excellent way to boost up the social media engagement that would turn it out to be social media marketing strategy. 

A thing that PouchNation as an event software provider fully aware could serve your brand!


  1. RFID can be used beyond that:
    - it can be a direct engagement from sponsors to people
    Imagine if the RFID is being put on a wristband and there is a sponsor logo in the wristband. it's a form of direct engagement with the customers and surely people will see it. most of the times, people even post pictures of it on social media
    - it can drive traffic from offline to online. there are many ways that the organizer can capture data from the rfid chip and drive it for further brand activations
    - can track consumer behaviour
    and many more.